Harp Samuels Bio

Harp Samuels is an alternative singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist with a unique, modern, emotional and beautiful style. Dedicated and passionate about art in all its forms, he is also a professional photographer who works in film, and has either shot or painted his own album covers and all related artwork.

His single 'Secrets' was featured on MTV, his song 'Taken By Beauty' was featured on Grammy nominated producer Al Walsers Weekly top 20, he had terrestrial commercial radio airplay in L.A with his track 'Ghost Town,' he's scored short films, as well as directing multiple music videos.

In love with people, music, film and psychology, he cites influences from artists such as Damien Rice, Ben Howard, Bon Iver, The Civil Wars and Sigur Ros, as well as soundtrack composers Thomas Newman and Alexandre Desalt. Beyond the music, Harp has won awards for his photography and runs photography expos all over his native Australia. Stating an obsession with beauty in all its forms, he is drawn to music because of the emotional and healing impact it can have: That a vulnerable and well-crafted song can offer the strength to help us endure whatever we are going through at the most difficult of times.